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Employment Service and Transfer

The German labour market needs international specialists!

Germany is well known for secure jobs, fair pay and a variety of opportunities for advanced vocational training. Specialists from the EU or EFTA states are allowed to move to Germany and to take a position as an employee.

In order to work as a specialist from a third country (non-EU/non-EFTA) in Germany, a residence and work permit as well as the formal recognition of your professional qualification is required. Especially the recognition procedure is accompanied by bureaucratic and administrative obstacles that have to be overcome.

With Academica International though, the way to Germany is easy – find your job position with us! We also take care of the procurement of your visa, the recognition of your qualification and your residence and work permit.

Would you like to work and live in Germany?

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A few simple steps pave the way to a new future

A specific job offer or employment contract in Germany is a prerequisite for issuing a residence permit. Academica International takes care of the job hunting for you, so you don’t have to scroll through job ads and write many applications.

If you send us a fully completed enquiry form, we will provide you with an offer based on your desired employment, vocational training, work experience, language skills and the demand for your qualifications and skills in Germany.

If you want to pursue a regulated profession, i.e. restricted by German authorities and you completed your vocational training outside of Germany, a formal recognition of your professional qualification by German authorities is mandatory. Non-regulated professions can be pursued without such formal recognition.

The range of regulated professions includes for example medical and legal professions and teaching at public schools. For so-called sectoral occupations with qualifications acquired in the EU or EFTA automatic recognition is possible.

Academica International facilitates this process for you. Since you can request the recognition of your professional qualification from your home country, Academica International gives you detailed advice on the required applications and takes care of all formal requirements.

Academica International makes the application for your residence permit and work permit for Germany and takes care of the transaction of all bureaucratic procedures as fast as possible. The necessary type of residence permit depends – among other factors – on your qualification and profession.

Beginning of work in Germany

Now it’s done. In order to start your German working life well prepared, you should consider the following preparations after arriving in Germany:

Since finding a permanent home in Germany is difficult and can take several weeks, you will need a suitable alternative accommodation after your arrival. Less expensive options than a hotel are for instance boardinghouses, hotel apartments, shared apartments or apartments for intermediate rent.

Finding a permanent home in Germany will require some perseverance from you, especially if you are going to live in a big city or metropolis. A good starting point is to look for a permanent accommodation while you are staying in your temporary one.

If relatives or friends of yours are already living in the city of your destination, it might be a good idea to spend the weekends before you begin your work there to take appointments for flat viewing.

If you have found a suitable accomodation and have moved to your new apartment, please note that you have to register your place of residence in the registration office usually within one week of moving in – some communities accept a two week period.

Simultaneously you should take care of an electricity provider, your internet access and, if necessary, the water supply.

Mandatory for every employee in Germany is a health insurance, which is required by law. You need to find a suitable health insurance provider fitting your demands. Despite insurance fees being a fixed percentage of your wage (about 15%), contracts may differ in service and performance, which should be considered when making your choice.

In addition, you need to inform your employer which company you chose, since half of your insurance fees will be covered by the company and your share will directly be deducted from your wage.

Social security is compulsory in Germany. Your employer deducts your share from your salary and passes it to the social security system. To do so your social security number is required.

Usually this procedure is quite simple: your employer reports your employment to a health insurance company of your choice. The health insurance company forwards the information to the German pension insurance, which will send your social security number by letter post.

In case this procedure fails for any reason, you are required to apply in written form for your social security number at the pension insurance. You need to add a certified copy of your ID and a proof of employment to your application.

Your bank account is crucial, as all payments are connected to it, including your salary. To open a bank account you need your ID or passport – additionally, a proof of a German residence (registration certificate) may be required.

The employees of the bank of your choice will support you in filling out all necessary forms you need to open a bank account. You can also make use of the online application services provided by most banks and open a bank account online from home.

After having completed all formal matters, you should start acquainting yourself with your new environment and its culture. An essential requirement to master everyday life is the knowledge of the German language. Even if your language skills are moderate, it’s recommendable to take advantage of every opportunity in your professional and private life to practice. In addition, attending a language course will help you improve your skills.

Academica-Bildung ( is an educational institution providing language and integration courses that will benefit you not only in your private but also in your professional life.